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Classes train every Wednesday from 5.00 – 6.00pm at: City
Park Fitness and Beauty ( City Park, 369 Alexsteven scott koshiandra Parade, Glasgow, G31 3AU

Every Katsujinken class is structured to cover the Traditional Aikido syllabus, incorporating a range of Unarmed, Sword and Staff movements. Rather than taking up valuable learning and practice time to work on personal fitness, students are encouraged to pursue this on their own time. A typical class structure therefore consists of a short warm-up session (low impact body movement and light stretching, but including break fall practice) followed by dedicated Aikido Practice – The focal point of the training session. Easch class finishes with a short cool down (involving light stretching and partner exercises).

Steven Scott sensei holds the rank of sandan (3rd) in traditional Aikido, Nidan (2nd) Karate and has experience in Judo and grappling. Katsujinken Aikido Kan practice using not only open hand techniques but also with the Jo and Bokken.