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phoenix-aikido-auckland-logoWelcome to Phoenix Aikido, a practical approach to a traditional art.

Phoenix Aikido offers a practical and functional martial art. Combining the beauty and elegance of flowing Aikido with functional technique, Phoenix Aikido has something to offer to any and all martial artists.

Built upon the ancient art of Budo, and incorporating a system of deflections and precise movements, Phoenix Aikido provides a unique, effective and serious martial art for those seeking self defense.

This foundation melds the old with the new; training in both traditional and modern day attacks. Attacks that include Shomenuchi and Yokomenuchi, all the way up to jabs, grabs and kick-punch and multiple-strike combinations.

Aikido trains you to control an opponent, using his strength and aggression against him. We train to avoid and deflect being hit, grabbed or pushed. Most importantly, we train to use these types of attacks against an aggressor.

So contact us today and experience a unique and special martial art!