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Sensei Dunken Francis is a 5th dan Traditional Aikido instructor & qualified Sports Coach with over 25 years experience teaching both adults and children, and is the author of the popular “Aikido – A beginner’s guide” (book) and “Aikido – The first steps” (DVD) used as study guides in many dojos throughout the world.

The Institute of Aikido Auckland utilises a proven teaching system that allows complete newcomers to train alongside more experienced students, with everyone learning at their own pace. We have an open door policy, welcoming anyone into our dojo from all clubs, styles and disciplines.

The Institute of Aikido Auckland runs Aikido classes at Okura near the East Coast Bays on Auckland’s North Shore.

The club has a very well respected youth academy with regular safe and structured training for children. FAMILIES WELCOME!

One of the most valuable life-skills you can learn is the ability to fall safely. Students of the Institute of Aikido are renown for their high level of skill when performing “Ukemi” (literally translates as “receiving through the body”) or break falls.   Following our tried and tested tuition methods ANYONE can learn to fall safely with regular practice and dedication.