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aikiwaylogo1Tony Schaufelberger Sensei (5th dan) has over thirty years of martial arts experience and is regarded as one of New Zealand’s premier Aikido teachers.

Aikiway Aikido, Auckland offers six classes per week catering for all levels from beginner to experienced martial artists of all styles.Aikiwaygrading2006

The club was formed in January 2005 when Tony Schaufelberger and a handful of students started training together at Meola Road in Westmere, Auckland.Aikiwaygrading2006

From humble beginnings the club has grown and is now renowned as a martial arts workshop where students from a wide variety of martial arts come to train.
The emphasis is on Aikido but the club fosters an “open” attitude sharing knowledge and learning from other arts.

Tony has recently been working on his principles of “quiet confidence”. In this he seeks to develop confident students who have the tools and attitude to deal with conflict in positive and respectful ways.

Aikiway caters for students of all levels from beginners to advanced and visitors are always welcome.