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musubi ryu logoAikido Musubi Ryu is a traditional Aikido club located in Hamilton, New Zealand.
The club emphasizes a gentle approach to the art while maintaining an athletic and more martial atmosphere at senior levels.

The philosophy of harmony and cooperation is emphasised in our training. Due to this, we have been described by some who have trained with us as “a club filled with good people”.

The club was founded by Sensei Clyde Sutton in 1986. Sutton sensei started training Clyde aaronin aikido under Yohan Buiter at Riai Auckland in 1983.

In 1986 Clyde received his shodan (black belt, 1st dan). In 1987, he travelled to the United States and trained intensively for 6 months with Robert Nadeau and Richard Moon, while also participating in various Aikido seminars from other instructors.

In 1988, Clyde was graded to nidan (black belt 2nd dan) by Robert Nadeau and Richard Moon while they were visiting New Zealand. Clyde travelled back to the United States to train and was graded to sandan (black belt, 3rd dan) in 1995 by Richard Moon. Clyde was awarded yondan (black belt, 4th dan) in 2013.

Aikido Musubi Ryu prides itself on its welcoming and friendly approach to training, and operates an open-door policy, all welcome.