“Ai-Ki-Do” means “Harmony of Spirit”.

exists to provide a home for martial arts clubs worldwide that are searching for a mutually supportive framework in which they can develop and share knowledge, irrespective of style, technical discipline, culture or lineage.

We currently have member clubs in New Zealand, Australia and Scotland, and Affiliate (martial arts other than Aikido) clubs in England, Germany and Greece.

The organisation promotes frequent “open-door” seminars (open to all, irrespective of style or experience) at member dojos around the world, and actively encourages and supports the growth of local martial arts knowledge-sharing networks. Summer camps held at our HQ in Auckland, New Zealand host multiple instructors from varying styles, including Aikido, Ju Jitsu, Krav Maga, Goju Ryu, Karate, Tai-Chi and Systema. This is wonderful opportunity for the local martial arts community to interact, share ideas and develop their networks.

Our members are free to follow their own technical and cultural lineage; all the benefits of interaction with like-minded martial arts groups worldwide, without the constraints of prescriptive technical control.

We welcome membership applications from interested martial arts groups worldwide.